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A wet basement is not only an aggravation but may also be associated with costly repairs, decreased property value and even poor indoor air quality. Waterproofing your basement is the most effective way of addressing a known basement
water issue and preventing water from infiltrating the basement in the future. If you have identified water in your basement or even have visible cracks in the basement walls or floor that may serve as future conduits for water, obtaining the assistance of an experienced basement contractor is essential.

There are many contractors who claim to have experience in basement waterproofing. However, when choosing a waterproofing contractor, you need to protect your home, your wallet and your piece of mind! By understanding what to expect with a qualified basement waterproofing company, you can make the right choice and save time, money and frustration.

The Source of the Water Must be Identified
While there are different methods and techniques of waterproofing available, in order to address a basement water issue, the source of the water must be identified. Common causes of a basement water problem include:

• cracked or bowed walls
• cracks in the basement floor
• inadequate grading of soil near the basement foundation
• inadequate roof drainage (gutters, drain tile)
• failing subsurface drainage (sump pump, drain tiles)

Each home’s circumstances will be unique and a quality basement contractor will be knowledgeable about the many potential causes of basement flooding.

There is No Standard Basement Solution

There are many methods of basement waterproofing and to be effective, the solution should fit the individual conditions of the home. Companies who specialize in basement waterproofing should have extensive knowledge about various strategies to repair and prevent basement water issues and should be able to provide you with a solution tailored to your particular basement water problem. Beware of any basement contractor who offers a one-size-fits-all method of waterproofing. In many cases, a combination of methods is required to address the source of water and prevent future basement water issues. Techniques that are often employed to address a water issue and waterproof a basement may include:

• subsurface pump and drain system
• roof downspout repair
• foundation repair
• interior and exterior sealants

The Basement Work Should be Guaranteed

A reputable basement waterproofing company will provide a guarantee or warranty with their work. Look for lifetime or long-term guarantee on work performed and materials used. Do not even consider hiring a waterproofing company that does not guarantee their work.
Having your basement waterproofed is the best way to protect your investment. By understanding the common causes of basement water issues, typical methods of basement repair and waterproofing techniques you can confidently choose a qualified basement waterproofing company for your home. If you live in the Columbus, Dayton, or Cincinnati Ohio area your search is now even easier. The Basement Guys®, a NAWSRC and Basement Health Association certified company, provide free estimates and solutions tailored to your particular basement water problem. They secure their work with a National, No-Clogging and Lifetime warranty of the structure for as long as the foundation is standing. To get started, contact us today at 1-866-7-NOW DRY today.


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