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Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair Company

The Basement Guys have been servicing Columbus, Ohio and Central Ohio for nearly two decades. Our company has grown into one of the most trusted foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and basement finishing companies in the area due to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We have the knowledge that is necessary to provide our customers with the most modern solutions in the basement industry today.


Indications You May Have a Foundation Issue

If you notice any of the following issues we recommend contacting our foundation repair professional. We offer FREE inspections and estimates to homeowners with no obligation. Have peace of mind knowing that The Basement Guys can take care of all your foundation needs.

  • Windows and doors that stick or are hard to open
  • Gaps in window and door frames
  • Interior plaster walls cracking
  • Nail pops in ceilings and walls
  • Leaning and bowed walls
  • Window and door trim developing spaces
  • Uneven floors
  • Tilting chimney
  • Patio or deck separating from foundation
  • Sinking foundation
  • Cracks in foundation or basement walls
  • Stair step cracks on basement walls
  • Vertical cracks on basement walls
  • Horizontal cracks on basement walls
  • Cracks on basement floors
  • Water seepage or dampness
  • Mold and mildew
  • White powder on walls
  • Musty Odors


Foundation Repair Solutions Offered

Preservation of the foundation of your home is key to your home’s longevity. Foundation repair services come with a warranty which covers the lifetime of the structure and it is transferable to any new homeowner. The Basement Guys also offer a Best Price Guarantee. The foundation repair solutions that we offer include:

  • Foundation Stabilization Piers
  • Wall Anchor System
  • Wall Tieback System
  • Wall Rebuilds with Rebar Reinforcement
  • Wall Straightening
  • Wall Dig and Push
  • Rhino Crack Repair
  • Rhino Crack Injection
  • Steel I Beam Wall Reinforcements
  • Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcements
  • Rhino Carbon Fiber Staples
  • Total Excavation
  • Exterior Dig and Seal Waterproofing

Foundation issues tend to only get worse over time. We highly recommend contacting one of our foundation repair professionals for your free inspection and estimate. It is very important to have foundation problems analyzed and professionally repaired. Foundation issues can cause loss of value to your home, easy access for bugs who will create damage, such as termites and rodents. Foundation issues can also prevent a future sale of your home.

Renovate has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

Specialize Service offer

  • Cracked Walls

    1430242124 (1)The Basement Guys® have developed and use their own carbon fiber crack repair products for an affordable basement / foundation wall repair solution.

  • Bowed Basement Walls

    1430242606Patented Rhino® Carbon Fiber Wall Supports link the foundation base with the house framing making it the strongest system on the market!

  • Wall Rebuilds

    1600331_origThe Basement Guys® can take care of all of your foundation needs including walls that need rebuilt.

  • Wall Straightening

    1469231_origThe Basement Guys® can take care of all of your foundation needs including walls that need rebuilt.

  • Shifting / Settling Foundations

    942869_origThe Basement Guys® use the best foundation pier alternative on the market. Our system was designed to be the strongest foundation pier in the industry.


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